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This 1990 debut record from Louisiana band Baton Rouge is something of a melodic metal masterpiece that, once again, got expunged by the grunge craze of the early ‘90s. Produced by early Bon Jovi collaborator Jack Ponti, Shake Your Soul packed a formidable one-two songwriting punch in the persons of guitarist/lead vocalist Kelly Keeling (Michael Schenker Group, Trans-Siberian Orchestra) and lead guitarist/vocalist Lance Bulen (Kingbaby, Puzzle Gut), who (together with Ponti and associate producer Vic Pepe) crafted such hooky highlights as “Doctor,” “Young Hearts,” and “Walks Like a Woman.” Fans of Aerosmith and REO Speedwagon will find much to cherish here…first time on LP in the U.S., magenta vinyl edition limited to 2000 copies! Side One 1. Doctor 2. Walks Like a Woman 3. Big Trouble 4. It’s About Time 5. Bad Time Comin’ Down 6. The Midge (Instrumental) Side Two 1. Baby’s So Cool 2. Young Hearts 3. Melenie 4. There Was a Time (The Storm) 5. Hot Blood Movin’ 6. Spread Like Fire

Baton Rouge - Shake Your Soul MAGENTA Vinyl

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